It was a cold, dark winter night in Iceland. The little farmhouse cuddled up to the snowy mountains looming above. The icy storm howled at the window but inside it was warm and cozy. The children snuggled up to their granny, each one holding a flickering candle. „Tell us a story amma“. And so she did.

For centuries Icelanders would entertain themselves and each other during long, cold, dark winter nights  by telling stories. Icelandic literature is filled with most fascinating characters. One of those is a troll named Grýla. She lived in the mountains with her Yulelads and their Yulecat. In this book the legend of Grýla and the Yulelads has been brought to life once again but adapted  to fit our modern times.

Author: Inga Konradsdottir
Illustrator: Arnar Marvin Kristjansson
© 2017 Auður Ingibjörg Konráðsdóttir
All rights reserved

by Inga Konradsdottir